Go mint!!!

 Pastels are making their way into fashion runways, and one 
of our favourite colour trends this season is mint. Sure, it 
might seem more suitable for spring, but sometimes you 
need a dose of sweetness to balance the deep, dark freeze 
of winter. Rock Fall’s mint green  with some of our favorite 
clothes, handbags, shoes and accessories:



Chiara Ferragni with Dior

                                                           Kristina Bazan with  Windsorstore

Jimmy Choo



                                          Mulberry Alexa bag

The jewelry is  the easiest way to go mint green without being overwhelmed by it. They can be subtle touches, or can be the center of your look!!!
 These are our handmade mint green jewelry picks to colour and update every dull winter outfit!!
So wear your little black dress with a green Ste.Ma necklace and you’re ready to go! 

Glam tip : Don’t forget your confidence and your beautiful smile !

Sweet kisses!!

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