Animal print | Leopard

You need courage to wear animal print, that’s for sure.It is a two way thing, as when properly worn it can become a real fashion statement boosting any dull outfit, but when matched wrongly it turns into a major fashion disaster!! Animal prints represents, first of all, a bold choice, a dangerous game that requires a certain fashion good sense in order to find the most stylish ways to wear them. Subtlety is the key word when it comes to stylish ways of wearing animal prints. One of the safest ways to wear the animal print is to choose accessories, especially if you cannot see yourself rocking a blouse or a dress with animal prints. Discreet and simple will always be ‘in’, therefore choosing an accessory with leopard print will bring personality and uniqueness to a dull outfit becoming the point of attention of your outfit. As ‘less is more’ will never go out of style, one single accessory with animal print is enough but matched with black, brown, or pastels.



Ste.Ma(handmade creations)


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